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Haitian Summer Jazz Festival inc.

Haitian Summer Jazz Festival inc.

Nom : Haitian Summer Jazz Festival inc.

In 2009, still, a lot of music lovers overlook or ignore the fact that there is something called Haitian Jazz. From 1895, the date that North American jazz was created in New Orleans to March 2008, there was not such a thing as Haitian Jazz Show on the airwave (as far as we know). On March 16, 2008, DJ K (Kedner Stiven) has decided to put together a radio show he baptized as "Jazz Creole" broadcasted weekly on a local New York Radio station. He received enormous supports and encouragements from local and internet. To promote, expose and encourage this movement, DJ K has launched the first Annual Haitian Summer Jazz festival held on Sunday August 17, 2008 at the Hillside Banquet in Queens, New York, The goal is simple: promote and expose Haitian talents and culture to the world.

Téléphone : 1-347-693-6407

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