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Kalalloo Restaurant

Kalalloo Restaurant

Nom : Kalalloo Restaurant

Kalalloo Restaurant and Lounge, a Caribbean restaurant specializing in Haitian and Guyanese located in Queens Village, New York, is a family owned and operated eatery specializing in all types of Caribbean cuisine. Our signature dish kalalloo, (for which the restaurant is named), is a staple of many Caribbean countries stretching from Haiti to Jamaica and Guyana. Kalalloo originated from Haiti and preparations vary all across the Caribbean and the United States. The main ingredient is a leafy green vegetable, traditionally known by many local names including callaloo, bhaaji, taro or malanga. At Kalalloo Restaurant and Lounge, we take pride in using only the freshest and highest quality Caribbean ingredients and our chef’s classic preparations will transport your taste buds to the Caribbean islands. We offer many other typical Haitian and Guyanese dishes from all of the islands and nations –everything from fish to oxtail.

Téléphone : 718- 776-5100

Site Web :

Catégorie : Restaurants

Adresse :215-52, Jamaica Ave
Ville :Queens Village
Province :New York
Code postal :11428
Téléphone :718- 776-5100